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My hourly rate is $1000. What's yours?

“It won’t take much time of you”
“It's just five minutes man”
“Let's sit down and talk about this”
“Let’s hang out tonight over few drinks”

Don’t we all get and make these type of requests all the time? Asking for and being asked for a very small amount of time doesn’t seem like a big deal to us - until we put a value on it.

“I keep losing this <xyz>” where the xyz is a cheap ball pen, earbuds, post-it notes etc. Anything that is that cheap is - you guessed it right - perceived as cheap and doesn’t matter if we lose it. Try that with a $150 worth Parker 51 Pen or Apple AirPods.

Do you see a point here, or a pattern here?

If you think or treat your time as something cheap, you will spend it on anything that comes to you. It will be spent on an unwanted social gathering such as dinner invite from a person you don’t like much. It could be a mindless scrolling on social media that ate up your 20 minutes without you noticing it. Heck, it could be an impromptu ping from colleague, your boss that took away half hour of yours for nothing.

Now, try this - Consider your hourly rate is - $1000. Yes, One Thousand Dollars!

Let it sink in your mind. Take a break for a minute or two. Close your eyes. Even if you don’t believe you can make that much money, just believe for a second. Think about it.

Did you close your eyes for a minute and did a mental picture of making that much money? 

If you did or didn’t -  that was $16.67 dollars for that minute you spent reading last paragraph or imagining making $1000 per hour! 

Now, accept this thought that you actually make this kind of insane money and every minute that you are wasting you are losing $16.67. Now,

  • What will you cut down? 
  • What meetings, gatherings, temptations  will you avoid?
  • How will you manage distractions that prevent you from doing what you wanted to?
When you do this kind of exercise, at the end you will realize that your calendar is now filled with  only such activities that align to your aspirations.

Fun part of this exercise is that this can be implemented by anyone irrespective of making money. Even house wives who think they are not making money hence their time is worthless - give a shot and see how much time is freed up! Use it for really what you wanted after doing house chores! Do painting, learn music, do social work. Possibilities are endless when you have time. Time is only one thing equally given to us irrespective of who we are in social scale.

The key to reclaim your time is ruthless prioritization and implementing my favorite quote that stares at me in my studio - Say No To Almost Everything!

The idea behind the quote is when you say No to almost everything classified as a distraction, you will be able to say YES to the ones that are aligning with your aspirations. A personal example might clarify what it can do for you.

For years, I used to dream about composing my own songs. It remained only a dream because my mind was scattered in thousand pieces. I wanted to do everything from social gathering, acting, stand-up comedy, watching movies, food blogging, film making, social work, writing and so on. About couple of years ago, I decided to follow the Say No principle. Slowly, steadily I implemented it in all walks of life by politely but ruthlessly eliminating the distractions. The result? 
    I composed my own 5 songs. I did entire music programming by myself for those. I wrote lyrics for and produced song video that was composed by my nephew. I also became a AWS Certified Pro btw.

All this in under two years at the age of 54! 

Many of you reading this could be nearly half of my age. That means, you have at least solid 40-45 active years ahead of you. Imagine what can be achieved if  - 
You consider your hourly rate of $1000 and clean up your calendar.
Say No To Almost Everything that is classified as distraction
Keep this as your daily prioritization practice. 

There is no goal. 
This is your journey. 
For rest of life.

Give yourself some time to make this happen. Don’t aim for or expect results in 3-6 months. If there is an accumulated damage of 25 years, how can it go away in 3-6 months? It's just like a weight loss system except you are gaining here.

Most importantly, take this as a starting point. Adapt to your own unique thinking and way of working and make it your own. See the magic happening. Once you see it, you will not go back. That, I guarantee because I’m not going back to the once scattered, lazy Prashant that I was about 10 years ago.

Good luck! Who knows, as a byproduct of this you might make this type of money as well. If it does, mostly you won't care about it either.


  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Prashant!

  2. Dear Mr. Gijare,

    I am totally in love with the way you're sharing your thoughts even if I "wasted $83.35" to read it :)




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