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Short and Unpredictable thing called Life

The other day, I got the news about husband of a friend suffering from massive stroke. He is just 47 and suffering brain hemorrhage. He is in very serious condition. She could have not imagined anything like this two days before.

Nobody can. 

We love to live in the notion that we have plenty of time. It does feel like though when the whole day passes in front of you. It also feels like it was just few days when you look back 10 years.
Almost everyone says - Where did the time go?
Time doesn't GO anywhere. It ticks at a standard rate for all of us. Time is one thing that's not partial based on who you are. President of the country, richest man in the world, you and the homeless man across the street get the same time each day. 
So why does spending time correctly matter so much? 
It matters if you don't live the life doing things that you love. If you do or don't do the things you love it still feels like it went quickly. The difference is that you don't have fantastic stories to tell about how you spent it.

Now, lets be little bit clear. By doing things you love, I don't mean to impose on you to do things that one in a million person does. Such as climbing Mt.Everest. The thing that you love could be as simple as raising good kids or building a right type of company where work is enjoyable. It could be simply being the best developer out there! As long as you love it, it doesn't matter. Don't look outward for this answer. It is within you.

This thing that you love doesn't have to be your bread-winning thing as well. If it is, nothing like it. You can still do your thing after your regular work hours and sometimes within work hours as well. You just need to be selfish and opportunist towards that.

What you do out of the love is your raw material for your future stories and you need to produce that raw material right now.

Take charge of your time because we don't know how much we have. Try to spend every moment in the activity that aligns to what you love to do. At least make sure every day you progress towards it. Without the everyday practice, time will pass, you will drift from the mission of your life. It's similar to a ship in the ocean that is set to go north. If you don't correct the course regularly, the ship will drift to west and you will not know till its too late.
Looking back there will be only regret left as emissions from burning time idle. 
Yes, any time spent in such activities is like idling a car. Not going anywhere. Limit this and regrets will vanish.

As they say, time flies but at least YOU can be the pilot.

PS: Did you notice three different analogies to life using three different ways of transportation? I noticed after finishing writing. Mind is such a funny thing, huh?


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