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Ride the rollercoaster

This could feel like part II of the $1000 hourly rate post but that's not my intention really. Its been almost a year in my new job as Sales Executive and life has been nothing but a rollercoaster. It has suddenly changed from a rule where I was NOT allowed to work after my hours (Govt. Job ) to I work anywhere, anytime, any place! Add to that, I made a lateral career move from solution architecture to sales!  Icing on the cake? - At age of 54. If some of you feel this is freaking amazing, I'm with you as I also feel it. It is similar to jumping into rough waters where your swimming skills are - being able to stay afloat. Yet, in my past life I have taken such decisions by gut feeling and has worked out well. I have started to understand what Steve Jobs said that your heart knows what it wants, you just need to trust it. There are many moments where I need focused attention, calm and composed approach in the face of demanding situation, learn to be responsive than reacti

SDLC of Life

Most of us in technology know what SDLC stands for or have heard here and there. For those who don't know, it stands for  S oftware  D evelopment  L ife  C ycle. However, the SDLC I'm referring is not related to the known acronym. It's just a coincidence that I came up with this one. My acronym has a different meaning for each alphabet. It is not about life cycle but about our whole life. Based on my own observations, experiments, experiences, failures in past life and some success as well, I wanted to see if I can figure out a formula, an abstract of principles to that anyone can use to achieve their goals in life. As I always say, these goals are your own goals they don't have to match to other's goals. You and only you are responsible for those. So you need to take control of it. To do this, here is the 4 step action plan that one can adopt - S - Be Selfish D - Be decisive L - Have a Laser Focus C - Commit to the decision Wait, all others look fine b