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Ride the rollercoaster

This could feel like part II of the $1000 hourly rate post but that's not my intention really. Its been almost a year in my new job as Sales Executive and life has been nothing but a rollercoaster. It has suddenly changed from a rule where I was NOT allowed to work after my hours (Govt. Job ) to I work anywhere, anytime, any place! Add to that, I made a lateral career move from solution architecture to sales!  Icing on the cake? - At age of 54.

If some of you feel this is freaking amazing, I'm with you as I also feel it. It is similar to jumping into rough waters where your swimming skills are - being able to stay afloat. Yet, in my past life I have taken such decisions by gut feeling and has worked out well. I have started to understand what Steve Jobs said that your heart knows what it wants, you just need to trust it.

There are many moments where I need focused attention, calm and composed approach in the face of demanding situation, learn to be responsive than reacting. All this is easier said than done. You just said this to yourself isn't it? Well, you are absolutely right if you did. I'm not saying it is easy either. What I'm doing about it is not easier either. If things were easy, I would have lost interest already. But, the question that started nagging me was - 
How do I manage this new responsibility and not get stressed?
After much observation about my job requirements, the way my colleagues respond and sometimes react to things, I realized that I need to spend a regular quite time for myself to evaluate how my time is going, how I am conducting business, what worked, what needs improvements. Every such small session with myself brought up things that needed to be implemented, or changed.

Have I learned riding the rollercoaster? No way!! It still spins my head few times a week when there is a wrench thrown in the wheel.  My approach is simple though - I keep saying to myself 

  • No matter how wise, old, experienced you are - You will make mistakes.
  • It is okay to do mistakes as long as your core intention is aligned.
  • Everyone makes mistakes because well, EVERYONE IS A HUMAN.
  • I will learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat it.
Self talk is very effective. It works like a charm. Keeping thoughts in the head is actually destructive. I use self talk just like many people use prayers. Actually what is a prayer anyway? Isn't it like a self talk where you ask for hope, strength to someone you haven't seen and you feel better after it, correct? 

Now it actually kind of links to the $1000 hourly rate post. To have a quiet time to reflect, you need to manage time very well.

One last thing - Just like finding time, finding strength is also a favor you can do to yourself. After years of denial, I have accepted the fact that even though I am musician at core, I am also a decent writer who is able to finish writing the whole article one stroke. Yes, the $1000 article, this one and pretty much what I have written earlier was finished from start to end at one stroke. All I do after finishing is spell check and obvious mistakes. In your quiet time, think what you do effortlessly. That could be your strength. For me, music, writing are the ones.
Recognize and accept the strength. Hone it. Soar with it. Do not try to fix weakness. It takes too much energy away which you can spend working on strength. Instead learn to manage your weakness.
By this time, I have taken you from how I handle my new job, age , fear to funky sounding solutions of self talk and a sharp turn to finding time and a sudden dip into finding your strength. That, in itself, is a kind of self-talk rollercoaster. Isn't it?

Go find your own ride and enjoy the ups and downs.


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